Professional Equine Massage & Grooming Mitts.

The PEMAG Mitts are a therapeutic, multi-directional, massage, grooming and strapping tool. They are designed to proficiently enhance a horse’s performance by facilitating the full use of their body in order to move freely and comfortably.


The PEMAG Mitts
• Provide effective and comfortable massage and grooming by reducing connective tissue densities faster and easier.
• Provide massage support for sore, aching muscles.
• Promote healing and flexibility by stimulating the horses own physiological responses.
• Relieve tension within the fascial system, stimulate blood flow and increase lymphatic drainage.
• Protect your hands against fatigue and repetitive strain injuries through their ergonomic design.


 Regular massage and grooming with the PEMAG Mitts will help the horses’ muscles to relax, regenerate and to quickly restore function after exercise.

equine massage

Regular massage could significantly benefit the horses’ health and performance.

Use to enhance basic massage techniques and daily grooming, or as an aid for rehabilitation. Professionals may use the mitts to assist with more intense and complex manual therapy procedures.

 equine rear leg massage


Physical Benefits of the PEMAG Mitts

• Prevents and relieves soft tissue adhesions.
• Effectively and comfortably breaks down any muscle tightness and fascial tension.
• Prepares muscles for training, improves delivery of nutrients to the muscles (use for pre-event tailored warm up).
• Reduces recovery time and fatigue after exercise.
• Stimulates healing process and sensory feedback to enhance muscle tone.
• Increases blood and lymphatic circulation by clearing harmful metabolic by-products.
• Reduces localised areas of pain from tight fascia/scar tissue and relaxes muscle spasms.
• Increases muscle flexibility and suppleness by improving tissue elasticity (for rehabilitation).
• Reduces muscle imbalance.
• Increases active range of movements.
• Improves horses’ performance when used on common musculoskeletal conditions.


The PEMAG Mitts are not a substitute for Veterinary care but can be used as a massage, grooming and strapping tool. Use as part of a daily care routine for your horse to keep it in the best possible health.


The PEMAG Mitts are more efficient than hands alone.

How to use the Massage Mitts

• Massage
• Grooming
• Strapping
• Rehabilitation

pemag mitts1

The design harnesses the knowledge of decades of physiotherapy to create a highly functional and time saving pair of massage mitts with numerous therapeutic applications. They reduce the impact of hours of massage on the groomer’s hands. After using the mitts on your horse for just a couple of minutes you will notice changes to the quality of the tissue in the area that you are massaging, as the connective tissue begins to soften and relax.
The nodules on the mitts provide a brief mechanical stretch affecting the skin, soft tissue, sub-dermal structures and deeper fascia. This increases localised metabolic and cellular activity in the extra cellular matrix that has been disrupted from the tight fascia and other musculoskeletal dysfunctions. Consequently this remodelling leads to increased functional movement patterns, increased tissue oxygenation and an increase in the horse’s own healing responses.
You can massage with the mitts using various techniques. You can also adjust the duration and direction to initiate the self-healing and self-regulating physiological responses that change tissue tone.
Massage and grooming with the mitts promotes healing and flexibility by stimulating the horses own physiological responses, aiding recovery and enhancing performance.

Performance Enhancement & Rehabilitation

Massage and daily grooming with the PEMAG Mitts helps to keep or restore joints and muscles to full working capacity. Small muscle injuries can build up over a few months before they become apparent. The horse may have a change in their attitude, show signs of decreased performance or lameness by which time they may have caused more serious injury.
You can gain significant health and performance benefits from regular massage therapy for your horse, especially after a period of box rest or restricted work.
Massage therapy helps prevent muscle atrophy and prompt attention to 'minor' muscle injuries will not only enhances a horse's performance but also may prevent future problems.
For a well-conditioned horse, massage therapy should be performed before and after a competition to prevent injuries and loss of mobility. After physical exertion, massaging your horse will minimise poll and whither tension and general muscle stiffness whilst speeding up repair to tissue damage (an inevitable result of physical stress and fatigue).
Design Features of the Massage Mitts as a Therapeutic Massage Tool

• Surface nodules of various dimensions
• Made with medical grade silicone
• Integral support to protect the user from repetitive strain injuries and overuse of their wrist, hand and finger joints.

‘Massage with the Professional Equine Massage & Grooming Mitts positively enhances the horses own self-regulating physiological response systems’.

‘As part of your conditioning schedule, massaging around joints, muscle groups, tendons and ligaments will help reset tension patterns from minor trauma, repetitive movements, exercise and altered alignment issues’.‘The mitts are effective in the management of both acute and chronic injuries’.

‘Help condition your horse to prevent injuries and reduce fatigue from being overworked’.

‘Any grooming or massage routine you perform on your horse will be more effective with the mitts’. your social media marketing partner

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