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The Professional Passage Mitts are a pair of silicon massage mitts designed and patented GB2543361 by a qualified and chartered physiotherapist.

The physiotherapist is Sandra Whittle and the company that holds all rights is Soma Therapies Ltd, physiotherapy Clinic (Company registration No: 04988710). She is also the director of Soma Therapies International the products trading company (Company registration No: 07186429). Soma Therapies International Ltd is the licenced trading company for all her products she has invented and produced. She is joined by others to continue the family values that have been embraced over the years of treating thousands of patients.

At the time of her idea conception of the Professional Massage Mitts Sandra was working long hours providing physio and various massage treatments in a very busy physiotherapy clinic. The Mitts were designed out of necessity. Sandra was suffering from repetitive strain injuries to the wrists and hands. The Mitts have integral support to protect the therapist’s hands and external nodules for increased tactile surface to enhance sensory massage stimulation. They can be used for self-massage or as an aid for rehabilitation from allied health professionals for more complex soft tissue mobilisation procedures.

Sandra’s daughter has a passion for horses and it soon became clear that there was a place for the Mitts in the equine world. Looking for answers as to why the mitts worked so well, she became very interested in ‘The fascial System’. Research studies investigate the role of fascia in musculoskeletal pain and restricted movement patterns and how fascia congestion affects all our body functions. your social media marketing partner

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